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Thanks for checking out this site. If we actually know each other please contact me. It’s always nice to hear from old friends.

I work in marketing, with a tendency towards online opportunities for business. This site has been setup to allow me to test assorted scripts and components, please excuse the content as it’s mostly SEO testing.

I am no writer, please excuse the dribble throughout the site. I never enjoyed writing and don’t expect I will do much of it here.

I am a graduate of Lord Beaverbrook High school, Shortly after that I fell into the world of online marketing. Working online was a likely fit for me as computers and I have always gotten along. Thus far, business is good.
I’ve picked up a few hobbies, I’m getting pretty good at homebrew, and take every opportunity to ride my motorcycle. Currently working with a friend to rebuild a

Writing aboutĀ oneself is extremely troublesome. So thats all for now.


Joshua West


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