I reserve the right to be poked and other reasons I dont have Facebook.

No facebookMy time on Facebook lasted about two weeks before I realized it wasn’t for me. Within a few days of opening an account my email inbox became unmanageable with far too many notifications of every type. I realize now that these email notifications can be turned off, but the simple fact that a company will knowingly send this is shameful.

After grappling with the notifications issue came the ever popular privacy debacle. Did you know that any information you put onto Facebook is owned by Facebook? This is bad alone but equally bad is if you don’t keep you information up to date Facebook reserves the right to close you account. Though they don’t typically enforce this second fact it is in their terms of service, which legally gives them the right to force you to update your info or else. Those two reasons alone should be enough to make you think about Facebook’s intentions.

As far a Facebook’s (lack of) privacy goes my biggest woe revolves around the inability to express yourself to some but not all of your “FB friends.” Explanation by example has been deemed best: You know that really cool photo you have of yourself flying through the air, upside down, soaking wet, and still holding a beer? (No such photo exists in my library, but you know what I mean.) While it would be nice to share with “some” of your friends, you do not really need your business professional parents, or your Sunday school teacher seeing this (ergo “but not all.”) This lack of  segmented sharing is the final nail in the coffin for my Facebook experience.

There are many more reasons not to like Facebook ranging from inability to customize appearance, all the way to near impossibility to delete an account and associated data, which we will save for another day.

If you are so inclined, please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Joshua West

By Josh West

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